Time for a clean bill

Ok, let me first say I don’t like Obamacare, what it will do to our budget, and the federal requirement to buy it. It goes against what I thought was possible for a non-socialist govt. Also, I am a military vet, live in a Texas, and usually vote Republican (not always).

With that said, the House republicans are wrong. They should not be holding up funding the government (or the debt ceiling) because they don’t like Obamacare. They budget process is already bastardized enough and is causing havoc in our government agencies and military. In fact, the government hasn’t passed a normal budget process on time since 1997! Continuing resolutions, late budgets, and sequestration imposes countless thousands of extra man hours and work for our federal workers, increasing costs and delaying and canceling others. It isn’t right for our military to be constrained this way.

Additionally we are in the road towards an ungovernable government . We all have our own principles and morals we should follow, but you (Congress) have a job to do. Yours is to pass laws and fund the government. It’s time to do your job Congress.

What do I recommend to the House republicans? Change the law… Yes the people who voted you in want Obamacare ended.. Change the law. You don’t have the right to pick laws not to fund. This sets a bad precedent for future (Republican) Presidents. If you can’t change the law yet, then you don’t have the votes to defund it either.

How can we change some if this?

Stop letting state legislatures gerrymandering their district boundaries. Push this more towards independent commissions, or at the very least zip codes.

Stop all Congressional pay for members on Oct 1 if there is no budget. I don’t mean a CR, I mean a real budget. No budget, no pay.

Term limits. If there is a term limit for the Presidency, there can be one for Congress.

All laws passed cover the Congress too. No exclusions for Obamacare, or other restrictions placed on businesses and state governments. Yes you can add benefits, but laws should cover you too.

Now Congress, get back to work and pass a real budget.


3 thoughts on “Time for a clean bill

  1. So, Eric, you say this: “All laws passed cover the Congress too. No exclusions for Obamacare, or other restrictions placed on businesses and state governments. Yes you can add benefits, but laws should cover you too.”

    Isn’t this what the shutdown is about? Aren’t they trying to do exactly this? So, please let us know how you would achieve this. The Republicans have chosen to use the debt limit and government shutdown to affect this end. Not pretty but a viable course of action. Obama’s response? No negotiation, a position absolutely unique in the history of our country. A President who won’t talk, who won’t engage in the give and take of politics. Unprecedented.

    • I agree, Congress shouldn’t have excluded themselves from the law. They need to modify the law (when they get the votes).

      Unfunding the government because you don’t like the law is not a viable argument. You change the law you don’t like, you don’t withhold funding. We don’t do that for other laws we don’t like.

      • I believe Obama gave Congress the waiver by executive fiat, not Congress. He also unilaterally waived the law for many businesses, as well as granted a one-year delay of the mandate to business.

        This is a reasonably fair discussion: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/opinion-la/la-ol-obamacare-waivers-exemptions-hyperbole-20131002,0,6344095.story

        So, the executive is selectively enforcing parts of the law he likes and ignoring parts he doesn’t. He refuses to waive the mandate for individuals, nor rescind his sweetheart deal for Congress, as proposed by the Republicans. What should the Congress do to constrain an executive who is not following the law, yet also will not negotiate changes? Again, how do you propose to achieve the goals you outlined under these circumstances?

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